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What Nicotine Strength Is For Me??

Once you have made the best decision of your life, and decided that you are done with cancer sticks, how do you know where to start in deciding which e-juice strength will satisfy your body's nicotine needs?

E-juice is available in any strength by request, but the standard strengths are
 8 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, & 24 mg.
How do these compare to cigarette strengths?
              • 8 mg = ultralite cigs
              • 12 mg =lite cigs
              • 18 mg = full flavored cigs
              • 24 mg = very strong cigs

Switching to electronic cigarettes can happen overnight, it did for both my husband and I.

 We had tried every method to quit smoking without any success, including e-cigs that look like cigarettes.....all with no success.

It seemed hopeless, then we found the liquid e-juice and ego ecigs, I was very skeptical when my husband asked me to go check them out. After buying a starter kit and playing with it for a while I realized it had been 3 hours since I had a cigarette and I wasn't craving one. That was a life changing moment for me!

 Both my husband and I have not smoked an analog cigarette since.